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Feedback on BEETHOVEN’S 4 SEASONS 2017


"Inspiring as always. Gave us the courage to set up our own storytelling/ musical company"


"Thank you for such a rich, touching, sad-joyful occasion. Musical accomplishment and participation - you have all the bases covered. A dramatic delight"


"Attention grabbing, visual, funny, moving, sweet and kept me wanting to know what happened next. AND what great music, heard in unexpected combos!" David Mowat musician


Feedback on UGLY SWANLING 2016/15


“It was a beautiful story, slick, well rehearsed and humorous. The ‘song of the swan’ sung by Ali was both emotional and beautiful... a special moment.

The interaction with the kids in the playshop and show was excellent and so wonderful to see them all involved and on the stage, especially whn dancing along to Owen’s Beatbox!”


“The performance is hugely engaging for younger ones and the excellent cast bring the story to life with beautiful storytelling, unusual sounds (from Martin on saw and drainpipes!) and movement” James Slater artistic director Wiltshire Music Centre


“Michael Loader knows how to tell a story and keep his audience, young and old, in the palm of his hand”. Kate Cross artistic director The Egg Bath


“Inspired and inspiring performance – engaging story, lovely music, grabbing choruses – sad, funny, touching, the lot. Thank you so much” Rob Pope Bristol University English Lecturer St Stephen’s lunchtime Bristol


Feedback on GLORIOUS GREEKS 2016


“Rude, witty, gory and silly with a big dollop of artistic license, the epic tales of Odysseus, as served up by Michael Loader and Tom Veck, have never been so alive and kicking!  All enthusiastically lapped up by a young audience and stirring fond embers of school day tales for the rest of us!”      


“The ‘Playshop’ featured arty creation of ancient ‘goodies’ and ‘baddies’, who then acted out a collectively made-up story and song.  The perfect end to a Gloriously Greeky day!”


“We were all captivated; you have a wonderful way of making everyone feel at ease and getting everyone to feel like they are a part of the story. It was a lot of fun. Thank you.” James Hollis teacher



Feedback on MAGIC FLUTES 2015


“An absorbing blend of classical and rock n roll, west and east. Mozart + India = Magic. You cast a spell with story, dance and stunning flute effect”





“An intoxicating mix of sound and story to leave a magical world lingering in the minds of their young audience for a very long time”


“I LOVED it. I loved the spontaneity, the children being part of the process, the relaxed feel and the story running through. James and Tom your musicians were excellent”. Gail Alder Early Years Coordinator North Somerset Council

“Michael Loader is an amazing creator and does not fail to fill the world with more magic every time!”  Tom Veck Musician and teacher



Feedback on THE PIPER 2013


“An intoxicating mix of sound and story to leave a magical world lingering in the minds of their young audience for a very long time”








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